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I love a fucking rush.
And so I had some hopes.
Last ticks on my list,
If that would fit.
Dive with White sharks
Jaws snapping.
Jagged teeth
A split second from
Dismembering me.
I wanted to dive
Down in a glass casket
Stare in
Crocodilian eyes.
Watch them
Calculate and measure
To bite to best
Take their pleasure.
Jump out of a plane
And flip a coin
On the chute
Straddle a Ducati
Wrapped tight
In leather
On a crowded street.
I wanted to dive
Off high cliffs
Into the roiling sea
Become a monster
Or a madwoman,
If only I am free.
Feel real fear
Eat my mortality.
Take into me
My frailty
But after I met you,
I learned what great
Heights really feel like
The terror
Strange, that.
All I had to do
Was feel like this.
I think I trust you.
So Iā€™m just
Waiting for you
To lean toward me
And whisper
ā€œI’ve got you…


D. A poem for Damien Echols

If you don’t know who Damien is, look him up. I sent this poem to him years ago, when he was still on death row. As a thank you, he was kind enough to write me a poem in return. I still cherish that letter, along with all the rest of them that I received. We don’t speak anymore, really. Shame, I miss him. But I think I bring back memories of prison, so I don’t begrudge him for moving past it.


One shine crow

tilts and follows.

Oil wings folded

Tight, forward, down.

Hope holds you

In gold sequined feet.

Pull up, black eyes,

and fly.